Catherine Dalek (cathydalek) wrote,
Catherine Dalek

Capclave is underway

Had dinner with the Guests of Honor and the ConComm last night.. Had a llovely time chatting with Carrie Vaughn. Spent a big chunk of today putting together registration bags and other con set up things. Con has now been underway for about 7 hours.

Tomorrow will be interesting. Thanks to foresthouse Sir Terry Pratchett will be making a special appearance at Capclave. I've got Terry Pratchett coming to my con!!! He was in town for an appearance at the National Press Club tonight launching the latest Discworld novel, Snuff, and he's going to spend a couple hours at Capclave before heading to BWI airport.

We were more or less on course to break even and I'm hoping that we'll now be in the black, assuming we get more walk-ins than usual tomorrow.
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